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     This web page is provided as a way to browse through this massive collection of songs. I have NO music available here.  These are simply lists of songs.

   Quick note here ... 1950 thru 1955 contain only the Top 30 songs for those years.  I don't know why ... that is all that was available
      Also, in 2007 it appears Billboard changed the Top 100 and split it into a Hot 100 and a Pop 100... below is the Wikipedia explination.

From Wikipedia... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Billboard_Hot_100

  • The Hot 100 served for many years as the data source for the weekly radio countdown show American Top 40. This relationship ended in 1995, though from November 30, 1991 American Top 40 utilized only the airplay-side of the Hot 100 (to include songs that, at the time, were ineligible for the Hot 100 because of the lack of a commercial single). Because of the extreme narrowing of major radio playlists, few so-called "Top 40" stations in recent decades would play the full array of pop, rock, R&B and country (and other genres) depicted in a typical week’s Hot 100 top forty.
  • A new chart, the Pop 100, has been created by Billboard to answer criticism that the Hot 100 was biased in favor of rhythmic songs, as throughout most of its existence, the Hot 100 was seen predominantly as a pop chart.

 Select HERE to download a zipped Excel spreadsheet with all the songs (165k).

     Navigation is pretty simple.  Select the decade on the left menu bar and then the year from the sub menu and it will appear in this window.  Select 'HOME' at anytime to return to this window.

     Selecting the Artist/Band or Song/Title buttons at the top changes the 'Set' of lists viewed in this window.  Selecting the buttons does not change the list immediately, you must reselect the decade and year on the left to refresh this window. Sorry, I am not programmer!

     To search the entire collection, select the 'SEARCH' button at the top.  A 4.6 MB list that represents the ENTIRE compilation of songs in the collection will load.  Now, select a name on the list, anyone will do, this is to make this window 'Active' before you search.  Now go to the top of the Browser window and select 'EDIT'  'Find (on this page)' (make sure you tapped your mouse button somewhere in this frame to make this window Active). Type your search criteria and you can scour the collection for your favorite song or artist.

     I hope you enjoy this collection as much as I did compiling it!  Many, many people helped with  it's completion, not to mention the person/persons who originally compiled this beast of a collection and year after year keep it up to date! Thank you, whoever you are.

But to G!, A!, R!, you know who you are! Thanks!